I moved to Bermuda in 2017 and being in a high stress job environment, and missing my home, family and friends I started to experience every stress related symptom one could think of. This included constant panic attacks, heart palpitations and lack of sleep. After trying many doctors and therapists and even going on medication which did not seem to aid my symptoms, I decided to start my journey with yoga to remedy the stress symptoms and feelings I was experiencing at that time.

I had the pleasure of having my first class with Michelle on my first attempt. Considering that my stress and tension impaired my ability to cry, I was surprised that all during the class, my tear ducts were springing water profusely! Impressed by the release, I kept attending the practice each week. To my surprise, in 8 weeks, I lost 9 pounds with yoga and exercising only one other day during the week. My panic attacks reduced significantly and I am pleased to confirm that I have not experienced any actual attacks since I started the yoga practice.

When I feel stressed, I practice the breathing learnt during my sessions with Michelle and any feeling of fear or panic subsides. I am grateful that I have found an oasis and home away from home going to Michelle’s sessions. Her demeanor and soft spoken voice only are bonuses during the sessions. Over the past few months I am a strong believer that health is not just physical, it is mental as well and Michelle and her sessions have tapped into my mental peace and continues to never disappoint. Yoga is now part of my weekly routine which has not only helped me to deal with stress, it has also brought awareness to my body and mind.